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The 6 p's... not the easiest to remember mnemonic device, but it explains what a strategy session does quite simply.

In a strategy session we collectively workshop your website or system idea and come up with processes, wireframes and descriptions of your entire concept. You can expect a comprehensive report that you can use to shop for quotes, show investors and have a clear picture of exactly what your solution does and how.

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Strategy sessions are the first step to a well executed solution

Full or half day event
Schedule a full or half day event in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or the Sunshine Coast. We can also come to you if you have suitable meeting facilities.
Workshop your idea
Bring as many people as you like. Two experienced Move Digital strategists will consult and work your idea into a formula that helps you build a successful web application
Full brief & specification
The final outcome of the strategy session is a fully documented brief and specification of your idea, including processes, wireframes and descriptions.

What to expect on the day

After you book your strategy session you can expect us to arrive with some ideas pre-planned.

We provide lunch and refreshments on the day and can accomodate any dietary requests you may have. It's our goal that the day be enjoyable, and productive.

During the day we will have an in-depth discussion with you to fully understand your concept, document the discussions, whiteboard ideas and wireframes and draw as much information as we can from you. Don't worry, we don't expect you to do all the work!

By the end of the day we should have gained strong clarity on your idea for us to compile our final document.

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Boardroom Meeting Round

What you'll get

After your strategy day we will write and design your concept into an easy to follow, and thorough, brief. We will draw professional wireframes showing all important interfaces and processes that show user flows.

These documents can run over 100 pages depending on the complexity of your concept, and typically contain close to 100% of the ideas and concepts that we discuss on the strategy day.

These documents are critical to your overall success as you have a defined beginning, middle and end to your concept it makes it simpler to quote for the concept, and prevents unexpected cost blow-outs or timeframe delays.

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Who needs a strategy session?

Custom ideas
Business people, stay at home parents and entrepreneurs have ideas for unique web applications. A strategy session is crucial to clarify your idea.
Business Systems
We have taken many manual or offline processes from established businesses and turned them into digital solutions that increase productivity, profit and free time.
System Updates
When you already have a digital solution that needs a refresh, a strategy session can explore your current solution, and provide scope to refine and improve it to bring it up-to-date with your business needs.

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