What's the difference?

Online advertising is what you do when you want to bring awareness to a cause or business. Lead Generation is what you do when your business relies on customers coming through the door.

We can do both, but we prefer Lead Generation because it is most compatible with regular business goals and websites capabilities.

A great marketing strategy starts with your sales process, flows through your website process, and back into your lead management process.

Why spend money on advertising unless it's designed to get a tangible result for your business? If you spend $1 in advertising it needs to return a result on the back end. It's in our DNA to deliver on every marketing dollar spent.

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The key to success - Funnels

What is a funnel?
A funnel is a system which your customers flow. Think of it as a step-by-step process. Funnels can be dynamic and change over time. Funnels can be optimised so if something works you can maximise it, and when it doesn't you can identify it and drop it off the process.

We are firm believers that funnels are entirely under-utilised in business.
How can a funnel help?
Funnels define steps needed to be taken to achieve a goal. If your website has a goal to obtain enquiries a funnel could define the process customers take before and after they enquiry. It could define a project management system, or a customer retention policy.

Funnels are a key component of business optimisation.
How do we build funnels for you?
To build funnels for your business we need to get a clear understanding of a few processes that your business has in place. What is your sales process, order fulfilment, project management, customer retention etc.

Once we have a clear picture of the areas of your business that could benefit from a defined business funnel we develop a strategy that can achieve the final outcome of the funnel. For example more enquiries, or more sales.

Example Enquiry Funnel

Example Funnel
In the funnel example above you can see how funnels help your business achieve its goals. This simple example barely scratches the surface, yet so many business don't centrally visualise the steps they would like their customers to take to achieve their goals. Just wanting "more enquiries" isn't enough, you need to figure out how that's going to happen.

Transitional Conversions

It's assumed that when potential customers come to your website they're ready to buy from you. That's not true. Customers go through a journey when they purchase products or services. They ask themselves many questions and to be able to capture and retain customers you need to inspire confidence that your product or service is right for them.

How do you do that? Transitional Conversions.
Transitional conversions are making an offer to a potential customer before they choose to buy. It could be as simple as "signup to our newsletter" or "download this free guide", it enables you to capture a small amount of information in order to keep in contact with that customer as they go through their sales journey.

Not all customers are ready to buy from you the moment they land on your website, and if you are spending money getting those visitors to your web page you want to get as much value as you can from them. Transitional Conversions are a factor when we strategise different lead generation methods with you.

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Marketing/Messaging Flow

The words you use to communicate with your customers is so important. Inconsistent messaging is a weakness of businesses.

Unify your advertising, brand messaging, website and all marketing collateral so they all tell the same story.