About Tradehack

Tradehack is a company that focuses on developing smart systems for testing backflow devices within the plumbing industry.

Michael and Andrew approached Move Digital to reimagine a tried and true paper based approach into a streamlined digital experience that's simple for plumbers to use, and improves their efficiencies.

The goal of Tradehack is to provide a clever software platform that provides plumbers with real benefits. Plumbers that use Tradehack are very happy with the experience, the approach and the delivery of the software.

Move Digital has worked with Tradehack for over 2 years building and refining their system to improve the solution offered to plumbers, and build additional functionality as they expand into other areas.

Tradehack Testimonial

Hear Michael, in his own words, describe his experience with Move Digital.

Tradehack tasked us to build a system that takes a paper process and reimagine it as a digital solution. Previously plumbers were required to manually fill in paperwork to submit to council for compliance reporting. Tradehack envisioned a better way and wanted to make the system easy to use and one that plumbers would love using.
Tradehack wanted to build a system that eliminated a lot of the repetitive data entry that plumbers were required to fill out in order to deliver the required forms to council regions. Ultimately, the system needed to be simple to use and provide functionality that plumbers find valuable and usable. Michael is passionate about putting the plumbers first and delivering a system that helps them.
One of the key challenges in the beginning was getting a crash course in backflow reporting, known as a Form9 in Queensland.
Michael was a great teacher helping us to understand the many varying ways plumbers currently issue their Form9 reports. Over 2+ years Move Digital has a very firm understanding of the industry that Tradehack operates in and together we are able to speak the same language and come up with great solutions.
“I can honestly say that it's been an absolute joy and great experience to work with Move Digital and a highly recommended one. Great things are achievable if you engage with the right people. We are very keen to keep working with Move Digital as we further develop our suite of products. I can highly recommend Move Digital to anyone who has identified a problem that needs a solution.

Michael Howard - Tradehack Co-Founder

Technologies in use

Logo Design
Move Digital designed a simple and recognisable logo for Tradehack. As the project was completely from scratch for a new start-up we had a blank slate to work with.

Michael and Andrew were open to ideas and together we refined a clever logo that they love.
Strategy Session
Tradehack opted for a half day strategy session in which we outlined a brief for the system, provided wireframes and technical descriptions of key functionality and also provide clarity on the specifications of their project.
System Design
A custom system needs a custom design. We designed a simple and easy to follow interface that their audience would understand. The design remains a key part of the systems success due to its inherent ease of use.
Custom Programming
Starting with a programming framework, we developed all of the core functionality needed to attain a minimum viable product. Since that day we have continued to refine the system, make improvements and expand it's functionality to give plumbers increasingly better tools to make their jobs easier.