Tradehack is a company that focuses on developing smart systems for testing backflow devices within the plumbing industry.

Michael and Andrew approached Move Digital to reimagine a tried and true paper based approach into a streamlined digital experience that's simple for plumbers to use, and improves their efficiencies.

The goal of Tradehack is to provide a clever software platform that provides plumbers with real benefits. Plumbers that use Tradehack are very happy with the experience, the approach and the delivery of the software.

Move Digital has worked with Tradehack for over 2 years building and refining their system to improve the solution offered to plumbers, and build additional functionality as they expand into other areas.

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“I can honestly say that it's been an absolute joy and great experience to work with Move Digital and a highly recommended one. Great things are achievable if you engage with the right people. We are very keen to keep working with Move Digital as we further develop our suite of products. I can highly recommend Move Digital to anyone who has identified a problem that needs a solution then Move Digital would be the company that I would go with to provide that solution.

Michael Howard - Tradehack Co-Founder

One Ten Motorcycles

One Ten Motorcycles is a small boutique motorcycle repairs and spare parts business on the Sunshine Coast. The owner of One Ten Motorcycles, Joe, has a genuine passion for his work. Those that know Joe, know he's a man of integrity and wit. We are proud to have supported Joe over the years.

"One Ten Motorcycles have used Iain Noy’s services for approximately 13 years. In that time I have found the service to be nothing less than excellent. Whenever I had a problem or a question mainly in relation to my online store, Iain has always had the time to explain anything to me. I have always trusted his advice and comments and felt extremely satisfied after making contact with him. While Iain is contactable and available and I’m still in business I have no reason to make any changes."

Joe - One Ten Motorcycles

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